CONTACT US to learn about the Engagement Hub™ for Virtual Events.

 Imagine you need to bring people together from different locations but you want broadcast quality audio and video. We work with your team using the Engagement Hub™ with our cutting edge broadcast systems, professional presenter kits, technicians, and backup LTE internet systems to provide an enterprise level experience to your audience no matter where they are. The Engagement Hub™ is widely recognized across the events industry as the gold standard for producing high quality remote experiences.

Even in such a short period of time it seems the term Virtual Events gets thrown around a lot. Virtual Event can mean a whole host of things from an online fundraiser, to a fully produced stage production with both in person and remote virtual event experiences happening at the same time. In order to cut through the noise, we must first determine a few simple things.

  1. Who is your in person audience? Who is your virtual audience?
  2. Where is your virtual audience?
  3. How long is your program or presentation?
  4. What is the desired outcome of the event, hybrid or livestream?
  5. What kind of budget have you allocated to pull it all off?
  6. What have you done in the past for this audience?
  7. What is the in person and remote audience audience expecting? 
  8. What will it cost you, if it does not go well?
  9. What are the consequences for not live-streaming  it at all?

These are all questions that start the conversation around the event itself. You aren’t alone in all of this. We do this every single day and are here to help you navigate it all. Reach out to us and let us guide you through the process of making a great experience. 

We’re here to listen to you- to learn the ins and outs of what you do- to place ourselves in your shoes… even if those shoes are flip-flops.