The top 5 event tech solutions that make a difference in 2024

Here are our 5 favorite event tech solutions that will enhance your attendee engagement, registration, data management and more. 

In our fast paced event production industry, the right technology can make a world of difference. While we often focus on the benefits of an AV production partner here at EideCom, having a partner who’s strengths lie in data, process and attendee engagement will make the entire event planning experience that much better. Large, in-person events are in high demand, and these corporate meetings require versatile and all-encompassing event tech that goes beyond AV production. In this article, we’ve spotlighted 5 event tech leaders that are supporting meeting planners around the world. 

1. Cvent

Cvent is renowned for its extensive suite of tools designed to manage every aspect of event planning and execution. From venue selection and registration to marketing and post-event analytics, Cvent offers a robust platform that caters to both virtual and in-person events. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it a favorite among meeting planners looking to optimize attendee engagement and streamline logistical challenges.

2. Bizzabo

Bizzabo prides itself on its holistic approach to event management, combining elements of marketing, engagement, and logistical planning into a seamless experience. Ideal for corporate events, conferences, and virtual or hybrid events, Bizzabo offers features like event marketing tools, registration management, and interesting attendee engagement technology like Klik Experiential. Its emphasis on creating personalized attendee experiences stands out, making it a powerful tool for event planning professionals aiming to build community and foster connections.

3. Lasso

Lasso’s mission is to inspire change for companies in the event and entertainment industry. Unlike others on this list, Lasso is a platform that help you manage scheduling, bookings, payroll and travel for freelancers, contractors and everyone in-between. Think of it as an ecosystem where every team member can wrangle their tasks and logistics with ease. Our EideCom team often uses Lasso and we haven’t looked back since!

4. Stova

Stova brings a fresh perspective to event management with its comprehensive suite of tools tailored for both in-person and virtual events. Its standout features include secure registration, a robust attendee engagement system, and dynamic content delivery options that work for live, virtual and hybrid events alike. Stova’s commitment to data security and its ability to handle complex, large-scale events make it a reliable choice for event professionals worldwide.

5. Webex

While primarily known for its video conferencing capabilities, Webex has expanded its offerings to include a full range of event management features. Its platform supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, providing tools for webinars, meetings, and large-scale conferences. With integration options for popular apps, tools and marketing platforms, Webex facilitates a cohesive event management experience, focusing on connectivity and collaboration.

Choosing the right all-in-one event tech solution depends on your specific needs, event type, and goals. Whether you prioritize attendee engagement, logistical efficiency, or data security, there’s a platform that fits the bill. By leveraging the capabilities of these comprehensive event tech solutions, event planners can not only streamline their workflow but also elevate the overall event experience, ensuring that every gathering is impactful, memorable, and seamlessly executed.

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