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The Snyder Studio encapsulates a piece of EideCom history. With every event we produce, a piece of Jack Snyder’s legacy lives on through the values of our team. Based at our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Snyder Studio is available to clients around the country who seek a professional space to host a virtual or hybrid event. 

Born March 8th, 1929, Jack Snyder was a pioneer. His entrepreneurial spirit embodied everything great about the American dream. As the grandfather of EideCom founder, Charles Eide, Jack influenced Charles at a young age. Early on, Jack was naturally tenacious at heart and eager to support his young family. He set out to provide for his family and ended up leaving a legacy that will impact generations to come.

By the end of his career Jack had been responsible for the development of over 22% of the Bloomington-Normal area of Illinois, more than any single developer. Providing countless jobs, opportunities and homes, Jack found pleasure in the simple things like riding and collecting horses, carriages and farmland. Naturally, Jack’s love for his high school sweetheart turned wife, Jean, his children, Susie, Vicki, Steve, and Craig, combined with a burning passion for real estate, fueled what became his life-long passion of building Snyder Corporation, a career spanning nearly 70 years. With great pride, Jack’s legacy lives in the Snyder Studio as EideCom carries the torch Jack lit nearly century ago.

Today, the Snyder Studio is used as both a testing ground for new event technologies, and as a live studio space for virtual and hybrid events for corporate clients across the country. 

“He holds a special place in my heart, and is a pillar of my life’s success. I am so thankful for the values and example he was for me. He taught me that when you have a dream, you can do anything. We called him Papa. And he will forever be a part of our story.”

-Charles Eide

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