With the countless options to navigate virtual events, how do you choose the best option for your event? Virtual Events can be confusing for everyone involved, especially your audience who will be new to whatever platform you choose. For a virtual event platform to be successful, the experience needs to be simple to use, reliable, and effective.

Getting your entire audience in one physical place can be a challenge. Whether it be the need for social distancing, a reduction in physical audience size, or a situation not allowing us to gather, Second Stage has you covered being simple to use, reliable, and effective virtual event platform.

Second Stage handles your tradeshow, and main stage at the same time in our simple to use, reliable, and effective virtual event platform.

How do you have a trade show online…? And how do you make trade shows effective for the audience and exhibitors while making the trade show still profitable for your organization? We have to get this right, the first time.

For your tradeshow, Second Stage is a simple to use, reliable, and effective. marketplace searchable by category, location or name! When your exhibitor signs up, they are able to create a compelling profile complete with photos, videos, description, social media links, links to video conferencing, and a special conference offer. This allows the exhibitor to have full control of their own booth experience.

When your audience registers, they create their own profile and start shopping exhibitors in the simple to use, reliable, and effective trade show floor. Audience members can save exhibitors to come back to later, message that exhibitor real time, or even video chat with that exhibitor on the spot.

Once logged in, your attendees can view the main stage sessions, review articles with saved content, and even see the schedule of events. This is just the beginning of what second stage can do.

While the landscape of virtual events is changing, we have you covered.

This is the venue.

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