I have had this conversation at least 6 times in the past week with my clients; “How do we still make our employees feel appreciated & special at our virtual Holiday Party this year?”

We can all agree this has been the hardest year of most of our lives, from unemployment, devastated industries, and uncertain futures. But I am comforted by the big hearts of company leaders who want to go the extra mile to make sure their teams feel recognized & valued. 

The following 6 points will help ensure a well attended & appreciated virtual event. 


Take the time to make sure your guests know to expect in advance. Let them know how long the event will be, if they will be seen by other attendees, or if the event is just to be “watched” like a TV show. Should they dress up? Who should they invite to join them? 


With the rise of everything digital, receiving something in the mail feels extra special! Depending on the size of your group, you can send you guests anything from something like cookies or a small gift, all the way up to a complete “party kit” filled with appetizers, ingredients for a custom cocktail with party favors. Either way, a personalized note always goes a long way.


My #1 rule when it comes to virtual is: cut it in HALF! Most people’s attention time in a virtual event is much shorter than a live event. When in person, you have the audience’s undivided attention, whereas when your guest is at home, there can be a variety of distractions from kids to emails.  

4. PUT IN THE EFFORT (for heaven sakes, no more zoom meetings!)

Who would have thought the word “zoom” would be such an important part of our vocabulary in 2020! When taking your party virtual, do not force your team to spend any more time on a zoom call then they have to! Instead, find a partner like EideCom that can take your content, both pre-recorded and live to a seamless live stream that looks like a million bucks. Plus, you can have the company’s branding as a background as well as “lower-thirds” to show who is speaking. We can even incorporate live games and polls!


Enjoying a meal with your coworkers in person is normal, however dining while attending a virtual event can be uncomfortable. Instead, bring in some form of entertainment to keep your guests engaged! I have seen clients live-stream in a well-known band, a magician, a comedian, and even a mentalist! *send me a message if you want some great suggestions & referrals!


Not only do you want to encourage your guests to “stay” until the end, but ending with something unexpected & special will leave your guests feeling appreciated & reinvigorated for the next year. This is a great way to acknowledge a job well done, or congratulate a big win for the year, or surprise everyone with a small bonus! After surviving 2020, we will all need a little something special to celebrate.