A stage production photo for a large corporate event produced by EideCom. This setup includes large LED screens to capture audience attention.

The Business of Virtual Weddings and Events featuring Ashley Hawks.

Anca: Today we tackle the subject of virtual weddings and events, uncover marketing strategies, virtual events, and much MORE with my very special guest, Ashley Hawks of Forever Bride and EideCom , an event production company from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A few fun facts about Ashley: she grew up in her mother’s bridal shop where she learned first-hand everything she knows about business and marketing. She has no college degree, yet has been a force in the business/marketing/sales world for almost 20 years. She designed and helped develop a fantastic virtual platform for the wedding industry (ForeverBride.com) which is now being used by EideCom to help organizations¬†across the country produce virtual & hybrid conferences,¬†trade shows, and multi-day meetings.

HOST: Anca Trifan, Event Producer & Owner of Tree-Fan Events

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