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About US

We are a full-service production agency specializing in creating memorable experiences. We design a turn-key event solution for you and your team.

Charles Eide is the founder and CEO of EideCom, a full-service production agency based in Minneapolis, MN. Charles’ passion for events first began in high school, when he started deejaying school dances. He currently leads a talented team of event production experts and together, they create large-scale event experiences all over the world. Entrepreneur, thought-leader, and innovator, Charles is an industry expert dedicated to growth and community.

Under Charles’ leadership, EideCom placed ninth this year on the Fast 50 list, climbing 14 spots from last year. The company experienced a growth rate of 200.91% from 2017-2019. EideCom plans to move into a new space in December that is three times larger than the current office they occupy. He is interested in creating a positive and creative culture for his employees, while providing unlimited potential to their career



We believe that everything starts with a positive state of mind. Scientific research shows positivity leads to better creativity and overall satisfaction at work and home. We believe that a positive attitude is contagious and brings greater happiness in all areas of life. There is no way to carry out the other three core values without first being positive.


Our clients hunger for new ideas that begin with a creative mindset. We believe questioning the status quo is a necessity in our business. In order to lead our industry, we must continually create and push the boundaries of what has happened in the past and what is possible in the future. We also believe in order to be creative you must build on continuous learning. In order to do so we invest in ongoing education for our team. We encourage and reward new creative ways to do everything, especially things that benefit our customer. 


Our clients hire us for all results. Everything we do must be effective in achieving positive results for our customer. Being effective means that every player on the team must deliver individual results on a daily basis so the team they serve and their customer receives a positive and effective result. Being effective also means being conscious of minimal waste. We always strive for a 100% effectiveness rating with our customers. In order to achieve this we implement and execute on the most effective softwares and training available to keep our team in sync. We believe that humans need each other and software in order to perform at their highest level.


Everyone at EideCom has a place on our team and is here for a reason. We are stronger as a unified group and should constantly strive to serve and support each other. Not only can you count on a team player to get his share of the work done, you know that if you ask him to do something or be somewhere, it will be handled professionally and on time. 

A true team player has a strong desire to better the team in words and actions. They shows they are dedicated through consistent good effort and a willingness to step forward. Every player contributes to solutions and will also be able to handle any conflicts that may inherently arise from working with others. A true team player is genuinely interested in what coworkers are doing and the overall performance of the entire team.

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