3 Reasons Why Creative Content is Crucial to a Great Event

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By Kelan McQuinn
Kelan joined the team in 2018 as the Lead creative director at EideCom. Mixing years of experience in the broadcast and agency world, he has used his unique experiences to reinvent the way brands and content are produced. Kelan has consistently created unique content of exceptional quality. He always strives to push the bar forward in design and media creation, working to understanding the needs of each client.


Did you know that scientists believe humans now average a 8.25 second attention span? Woof. And, it’s reported that this is actually a shorter attention span than a goldfish! So, it’s no surprise that trying to keep the attention of your attendees can feel challenging. However, through my career I’ve realized it really comes down to one thing – an integrated approach. What does that mean? Well, it means all of your content, from audio/visual production, to staging, to design, and everything else, is under one-roof. When the creative content is cohesively enmeshed with the overall arc of the project, it just makes sense. So, here are three key reasons why you should invest in custom design and creative for your next event project.

1. Everybody Loves a Story

All good stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end – and your event should feel like a good story. From the moment your audience enters the venue, there is a single moment of opportunity to really WOW them, and custom creative is the super power to take them there. Design has the ability to tell a story, adding depth, movement, and intimacy. And, when content creation is fully conceptualized and storyboarded, it can help create meaning and hold your audience form start to finish.

2. It’s Your Brand, Treat it Nice

Your event is like a job interview, people will judge you on how crisp your materials are. Great design demands respect and professionalism. If you are hosting an event for something you care about, it should feel like it. In fact, the Greek word and philosophy ‘logos’, from which the English Logo is derived, means “divine wisdom” or a “controlling wisdom of the universe.” Damn. So, if your organization’s logo is actually a form of divine wisdom and influence, it’s about time you treated it like it!

3. Bold Creative = ROI

Do you care about your audience? Do you want them to have a good time? Then you NEED to make sure they feel special to see a return on your investment. When I begin the creative process, I always start from the end. How will the audience feel when they experience the content? And, especially as we turn to hybrid event experiences, if your creative isn’t getting the attention of your attendees, you’re wasting time and resources. Bold creative, that is unique to your brand and your mission, can be a one-time solution that ignites engagement and conversation. Don’t waste your time with monotonous creative, make it something your audience will remember.

Overall, this isn’t rocket science. You want to build events with value, and your audience wants that too! So, make sure you’re delivering an end-to-end experience that is compelling and unique. At the end of the day, you really need a team that has your back and is willing to collaborate on your entire project, not just one aspect of it. With an integrated approach to a project, our creative design team is a part of every step of the process – enabling us to build a better product that doesn’t feel cheesy, outdated, or disconnected. Connect with us today, and let’s start brainstorming something amazing!


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