3 Reasons You Should Try Hybrid This Fall

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By Lisa Mendenhall Johnson
Lisa joined the EideCom team in spring of 2017 as Senior Vice President of Sales after spending five years in the corporate world selling mobile phones and software. She loves working at EideCom because of the relationships she’s able to build year over year, helping each client craft new & creative ways to engage their audience. Lisa has built quite the reputation as a connector within the events industry – and her philosophy is to bring value to anyone she meets.



As we begin to head into the sunnier months, it seems the events world is as well! With more and more events hosting portions of their attendees in-person, the hybrid event landscape is beginning to take off. That’s why I wanted to write a bit on hybrid events, and explain a few reasons why you should consider it for your next event. 

1.You can do in-person, safely

In-person is coming back, and we know your audience wants to meet again (safely, of course!) Trends suggest that by late summer to early fall, gatherings of at least 500 will be allowed. A hybrid event can allow a safe number of in-person attendees to gather, while still enabling a larger audience online. It will be exciting to see people in-person again, and hybrid lets you do it safely, without sacrificing turnout!

2.You’ll be able to reach a broader audience

If you’re gung-ho on going fully back to in-person, you will likely miss out on a huge chunk of your audience who won’t be able to travel (both from corporate restrictions, as well as budgetary concerns, and international border closures). Like I said, with a hybrid event, you don’t have to worry about a limited turnout. The flexibility and accessibility of hybrid allows you to reach MANY more attendees. We believe the way of the future is to create value both in the virtual space as well as in-person. While online tickets may be cheaper, the volume can be much higher. 

3. Everyone is doing it – the Superbowl is a hybrid event!

Think about it – the NFL has been doing it right for years! They reach 50-60,000 attendees in person, but MILLIONS on TV. When you think about your overall event ROI, there is so much more you can do when you are activating an event for 2 audiences. The sponsor opportunities alone is a reason to go hybrid!

These are just a few reasons why I believe you should make your next event a hybrid one. To learn more, and hear what else hybrid can do for you, connect with me HERE today. 


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