Industry Alert! LED Walls and the Future of Events

By February 10, 2021 One Comment
By Kelan McQuinn
After working as a contractor for years, Kelan joined the team in 2018 as the lead creative director at EideCom. Since then, he has spent his time reinventing the way content and live stream graphics are produced. More recently, Kelan created the branding for EideCom’s newest platform, Second Stage, and assisted with the UX/UI design. For his entire career, Kelan has created unique content of exceptional quality. He always strives to push the bar forward in design and media creation, working to understanding the needs of each client.



Technology is always in motion. Due to this constant change, it can be hard to know what’s here to stay. What is worth your investment? Well, if you are looking for impressive, innovative, and cutting-edge technology; an LED wall is your answer. 


Unlike other screen methods, LED walls are made up of multiple panels, built from even smaller modules which consist of multi-color LEDs. This technology is a game changer for all entertainment purposes, and here’s why:

1. Precision

When it comes to proper formatting and ensuring your content is uniform, LED walls are king. Unlike projectors that easily distort content, LED walls offer greater consistency for your images, video, and motion graphics. It will look exactly how you imagined, every time.  

2. Versatility

LED walls are dynamic. Projectors display their image using light reflection, meaning the image is locked into space and focal length. However, a LED wall is its own source of light, enabling a unique flexibility. LED panels can curve and work to fit into any space, indoor or outdoor. And, unlike a projector, LED walls don’t require open space between the projector and the image, LED walls stand alone, making them far more efficient. 

3. Quality

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a LED wall is simple, the quality. LED walls provide crisp, vivid visuals. And, since the images aren’t affected by ambient light, it guarantees your subject is well-lit and your content crystal clear. The dynamic range of LED creates immersive content that feels alive. 


If you’re curious to learn more, and want to transform your next event with an LED wall, reach out to us today!

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