4 Innovative Ways To Engage Online Event Attendees

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By Paige Dorman
Paige joined the EideCom team as Vice President of Sales after spending 10+ years in various event roles. From event planning at venues, selling trade show booths, working weddings, to executing keynote speeches for 15,000 attendees; there isn’t much of the events world she hasn’t seen. She is most passionate about helping clients craft new & creative ways to engage their audience through impeccable production.



These days, everyone is asking the same question: How can I keep my attendees engaged during an online event? It may be Zoom fatigue, rambunctious children, or that tempting next episode of your favorite Netflix show, but it’s challenging to keep the attention of your audience. So, here are four simple ways to energize your attendees. These tips will not only help to maintain your event enrollment, but will also ensure your event is something to remember!

    1.Virtual Workout

Get out there and get healthy! Hold a race for your attendees during your virtual event, and challenge them to log their miles. By utilizing a tool like Challenge Hound, your attendees can join a virtual race challenge and log their miles, competing individually or in teams.

     2. Social Responsibility Box

While we may not be able to gather in person, it’s still important to stay connected to our local communities. Encourage your attendees to engage locally by sending a box that includes a shipping label and a grocery list of items a food bank may need. Your attendees can take this box to their local food bank or ship it in the mail. Participants can then document their delivery with a photo upload on a social media wall.

    3. Game Show Extravaganza

Place your attendees in a virtual game room, with each teams consisting of five people. Your attendees can compete in various gameshow challenges like Family Feud, Pub Trivia, or BINGO. Using a video conference platform, place teams in breakout rooms to decide their answer, and move them back to the mainstage to share. This allows your audience to bond, while also enabling each attendee to participate remotely. 

    4. DIY Floral Design Kits

Surprise your audience with an experience they will never forget! Work with a local vendor to send each of your attendees a collection of flowers, branches, and a festive pot. Then, using pre-recorded or live video, have the florist explain how to build their own arrangement. Attendees can then share their design and have a souvenir from the event experience. 



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