3 Must-Haves At Your Next Virtual Event

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By Kyle Arndt 
Kyle has been in the production industry his entire career— over 18 years. Since joining the EideCom team in December 2016, Kyle has taken the lead on managing and producing all of our largest shows with his world-class technical expertise. Kyle is known for his positive approach, keeping his team’s goals at the forefront of every project. 


By now, event planners know that virtual and hybrid events are the future of the industry. In fact, a recent analysis from Global View Research found that the virtual event platform market is expected to be valued at $774 billion by 2030. With a calculated annual growth rate of 23.2%, the virtual event space is growing exponentially. That means it’s important you know how to make the most of your next virtual event. They are here to stay, and you don’t want to get left behind. 

So, how can you ensure your next virtual or hybrid event doesn’t fall flat? Check out these three must-haves that will make your event shine.

1. Use a Teleprompter

All of your presenters need to use a teleprompter. While often overlooked, this feature is not to be underestimated— it will transform your virtual or hybrid event from something impersonal to something intimate. Just because  your audience isn’t in the room anymore, doesn’t mean they’re any less real. If your presenter isn’t looking at the audience, you can kiss their engagement goodbye! Teleprompters guarantee a human experience, even online.

2. Create Network Redundancy

Create network redundancy to ensure a strong connection. Network redundancy is the process of creating multiple pathways for the virtual event to travel to your audience. Your audience is all over the world, and keeping them online is crucial to your event’s success. Think of your virtual event like a chain of events: from assembly to production, every link is important. Make sure to have a backup plan, so if one link goes down, your event can still run smoothly. 

3. Generate Audience Engagement

Everybody loves a story —  so make sure your virtual event tells one. Whether it be prizes, a treasure hunt, or a twist ending, you want to incentivize your attendees to pay attention and stay until the very end. Many virtual events won’t commit to the entire arc of their event, treating each presentation as an individual moment. Use your event to create intrigue – and captivate your audience from start to finish. When you tell a story with your event, you guarantee your audience stays on the edge of their seats. 


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