Molly Osborn | Director of Business Development – Minneapolis

Molly loves what she does, there’s no question about it. Weeks before she landed at EideCom she was binge watching Mad Men and hoping for a career in advertising. Opportunity knocked at her door. Molly was found after months of searching for the right person to fill the role- she’s hard-working, savvy, has a great attitude and is a genuine person (an anomaly in her line of work). She will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate-  she wants what’s best for you and your organization. “I can’t just sell anything. Some people can just turn off their personality and sell anything- but I can’t sell anything that I’m not passionate about… and I’m passionate about people and helping them. That’s why I’m here.”

Molly is a fellow Minnesota native and is a carrier of the “Minnesota Nice” gene. She is also an enabler of our coffee addiction and is always looking for undiscovered cafés.