Kaj Kjellesvig | Creative

Kaj (pronounced “Kai”) was afflicted with a crazy name at birth as well as a creative spirit. His first act of creative spontaneity was naming his very first stuffed animal, “Frozen Waffle.” All joking aside, Kaj has an impressive skillset that ranges from conceptual to technical. As he describes, “I’ve just kind of gone where the wind has taken me in my career.” His strong background in screenwriting is a firm foundation for the creative direction that he gives our clients. His experienced eye as an editor and vfx artist comes from working on hundreds if not thousands of pieces. Most importantly, his ultimate goal is to bring big ideas to clients that change minds and move mountains. “You’re lucky if a campaign lasts 6 months. Every time I’m trying to see if that idea can be timeless- Look at Dove, they’ve been using the same campaign strategy for decades.”